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Our Team



Gaylene has been around horses most of her life.  She grew up with a family farm that raised cattle and farmed crops.  The family used horses for farm maintenance and chores.  This is where the love of these majestic animals started.  


Gaylene started English riding lessons at the age of 10 and continued on this path,  competing on Hunter and Jumper circuits in Alberta and British Columbia.  All the while working at a Hunter/Jumper and Reining barn to gain experience in all things Equine!

The passion to help these amazing animals only grew as the years went by.  Gaylene has always wanted to help horses feel their best.  Becoming an Equine bodyworker has allowed her to give back to them.

Gaylene currently uses a combination of modalities such as:  massage, lymphatic drainage, NeuroKinetic Therapy, Trigger point therapy, Myofascial Release, Cranial Sacral Therapy, K-Taping, Cupping, Stretching and  Red light therapy to assist in the well being of the equine body.  Gaylene remains a student to constantly learn new methods and modalities to further her ability to assist horses.



When it comes to dogs Gaylene has owned her fair share!  Going through all the ups and downs that comes with pets is what moved her to explore a career in working with dogs.

Gaylene has experienced many different wellness issues with her own dogs.  Leading her on a path to find alternative methods that could assist in their own paths to wellness.  Taking her own dogs in to have massage therapy as part of there recovery process and seeing the amazing results of it, encouraged her to learn how to perform bodywork on her own!  To help not only her own dogs in path of recovery and wellness, but as many dogs as possible.

From therapeutic situations to common and elite athletes or the beloved friend, all can benefit greatly from massage therapy. As with the Equine side, modalities available for canines include: Massage, lymphatic drainage, Triger Point Therapy, NeuroKinetic Therapy, Myofascial Release, Cranial Sacral Therapy, K-taping, Cupping, Stretching and Red light therapy!


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