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Red Light Therapy

Benefits of Red Light Therapy
  • increase circulation

  • production of collagen

  • removal of edema

  • reduce anxiety & stress

  • helps fight infections

  • reduce joint pain

  • enhance performance

Noble Bodyworks uses Red Light Therapy Kits and is a Canadian Distributor for them.

You can purchase the Red Light Therapy Kits Directly from Noble Bodyworks.

For more information on the Red Light Therapy Kits please visit or Product section or

Red Light therapy is used in conjunction with massage and has many benefits for your horse or dog.  Gaylene uses a special mat that contains numerous red lights to stimulate healing responses in the body.  The Red Light mat provides a painless non-invasive way to assist the body in its natural healing process.  The mat is placed on top of the skin, targeted over specific points in the horses body to stimulate the body into healing the affected area.  The body does this by releasing its own pain relievers and anti-inflammatories to the stimulated site for repair.

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